There are many Permanent Make-up Classes available today. How do you know it’s the right one for you, or if you will get the experience you need? To be a successful Permanent Make-up Artist you need to know your equipment and fully understands all the different procedures, this requires 1 on 1, hands on training.                            
This is what New Image by Hilary promises to provide. You will leave this class with confidence, superior knowledge of all procedures, suppliers and all documents needed to get your business started today. 

New Image by Hilary, will only train (2) students at a time, assuring the student the information and hands on training needed, giving you the confidence you need to succeed in this industry.

    1 on 1 hands on training:   Live model application:
    Assembly and use of equipment:   Overview of all required Forms:
    Procedure techniques:   All forms will be provided:
    Colors and products required:    Certificate of Completion with overview of training class
    I would like more information:    




II am from the Chicago, and attended a permanent make-up training school in Atlanta, for a (5) day class with (22) students. I was very disappointed! The trainer spent very little personal time with any of the students. I left feeling scared of my equipment, techniques and my ability to apply them. I then took another class I researched in Alaska. Again, I was left feeling discouraged and almost quit entirely. After contacting New Image by Hilary, assured that her 1 on 1 intense class would be a full (3) days of hands on training, specifically addressing areas of concern to her students. Well, guess what? I have been in the business for many years now and my equipment feels like an extension of me as you would feel driving your car. I highly recommend New Image by Hilary, her hands on approach and most certainly the small class training program.


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