What does “Permanent Cosmetics” mean?
  It is the process of implanting pigment into the dermis and is considered a form of tattooing under California State Law.
Who can benefit from Permanent Make-up?


Women from all walks of life. The busy mom or business woman on the go. Those who are athletic and work out at the gym. Those with allergies or whose eyes constantly run or have poor vision. Those with little or no brow hair or sparse eye lashes. Male procedures are also available.
How do you decide on the best make-up artist for you?


Certification, years of experience and approval by the Health Department. Look at a selection of Before & After photographs to insure that there is distinct consistency and level of quality and artistic ability throughout their work.
At what age is it best to have Permanent Make-up?


There is no set age; however I find that anywhere from mid 30’s up to mid 80’s is the most common. I constantly hear, If only I had known about permanent make-up earlier, I would have done it years ago.
Is it safe?


All make-up artists must display an Operators Card issued by the Health Department, which assures you that they must practice sanitization methods to the Health Departments specifications.
Is it painful?


As with any procedure there can be discomfort, however, “New Image by Hilary” uses only the best pharmaceutical lidocaine which will make your experience comfortable. You should feel a soft vibration or tickle.
How long does the procedure take?
  Depending on the experience, a professional technician will only take about an hour at most to complete the procedure.
How long does it last?


It varies with each individual. Some people may need a touch-up in two to three years and some in eight to ten years depending on the quality of the pigments used and technician’s experience. Touch-ups cost less if you return to the same technician.

How much does it cost?


Cost will vary depending on which procedure you have chosen. A discount is offered on every additional procedure applied at that time. Hilary offers all her clients 4 months of free touch-ups, giving the client an opportunity to add or make changes if needed. If a touch-up is required, in let’s say 5 years, it is only $150.
Is there any guarantee?


Not a lifetime guarantee. Because of the nature of dermal pigmentation, its success is dependent on the skin type, so gradual fading is possible. It may never fade completely.
Do you provide training classes?


Yes, we have a training class for 1 to 2 students at a time. Please go to the Training Classes Page for more information.



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