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Enhance Eyebrows:

The world of Permanent Make-up is not limited to Brows, Eyeliner or Lips.   It is most rewarding for me when providing other artistic options that can enhance your inner beauty and self confidence.

Age Spots:
Restoring your skin color for a more youthful look and glow by removing age spots is just one option you may like to consider.

Scare Camouflage:

I also work with many clients to help conceal or soften the effects of scarring or skin pigment discoloration.

Beauty Marks:

Very popular these days is to enhance an existing beauty mark or add a beauty mark for that Cindy Crawford look.

Color Removal:

Color removal can be difficult and should only be performed by an experienced professional as it can cause scarring of the skin if done incorrectly.

Areola Regimentation:

Areola regimentation is a personal and sensitive option that together we aim to achieve a natural look. When considering any of these art forms privacy is of the utmost.




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